Polyurethane Ceiling Pattern

This Product requires a minim purchase of 30 pc.

Patterned Ceiling pattern is a great alternative to coffered ceiling is an approach to your home’s ceiling design which can drastically augment the way yourself and others may regard the place you decorating.

The pattern is made by utilizing 2 parts:

Y-part, and Square Part.

This pattern usually installed in the Dining, Family,  Living Rooms or Master Bedroom.

10×10 Ceiling will require 21 square, 24 Y-parts, total = $852.75 CAD

12×12 Ceiling will require 29 square, 32 Y-parts, total = $1155.95 CAD

Installation takes about:

1 hour to measure

4 Hours to install (18 gage nails)

4 hours to fill nail holes and apply caulking

Since the product is not sold in big box retailers but it’s a trading design average market sale price should be $3500-$5500 per room.

It’s sold right now at the promotional price for a month of August.

$25.95 $18.95