Toronto Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered Hardwood flooring in the new benchmark in the world of flooring; a revolution, some may say. Engineered Hardwood out competes regular hardwood and laminate flooring in every category of look, feel, and durability.

Engineered Hardwood provides increased protection over regular flooring choices where there is heat and moisture, preventing decay or leaks. Engineered Hardwood can replicate virtually any type of wood species, and does so better than laminate simply because there is no photographic layer.

How does Engineered Hardwood achieve such great stats? What is it that makes it so revolutionary from all other flooring options? Well it’s all about what goes into an engineered floor that makes it so durable.

Let’s look at some of the layers that Engineered Hardwood is made of.
There are usually two main layers to engineered hardwood. The core is made up of regular hardwood, plywood, or HDF providing a stable base.

There are typically three or more layers to the core, but the more layers there are the more stability the flooring has. The top layer is a hardwood veneer that is outstandingly durable and has all of the characteristics of real hardwood and can replicate any species of wood.
The reasons engineered hardwood is so much better than laminate and original hardwood are very visible. With laminate flooring, there are only two layers: HDF base with a photographic layer on top. One can easily see that this configuration is not the most durable or best looking.

Regular hardwood is only composed of one layer, which is a solid slab of hardwood. This is a very classic configuration, and more durable than laminate flooring. However, regular hardwood has the ability to wear down after time and is less durable than engineered hardwood.

If you choose engineered hardwood flooring, then our company will make sure that you see unbeatable look and quality for virtually a lifetime. We guarantee that this floor will make your house come alive and will complete the dream look you had in mind.

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