Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between MDF, Plaster and Styrofoam materials and
Will joints or corners crack after installation?

That mostly depends on 2 things:

1. In what temperature and humidity trim stored

2. Craftsmanship of crown moulding installer.

MDF or Wood or Hardwood are sensetive to temerature and humidity arround it. Don’t sore your wood in a garage, and never outdoor -it has to be insulated heated warm place. If you never have -10 degreze in you house your corners have almoste no chance to crack

That’s why our materials are always stored in a minimum +12 degreeze celcium and well ventilated dry place

Professional installer – who make things done right. Proper skills and technics are required. All the joints must be reinforced on a back, all corners sould be glued together, walls are not perfet so it’s essential to use shims.

Properly cut and installed crown molding will much less likely get a paint crack in the corner or joint.
However corners can be fixed in seconds with a tiny line of caulk silicon.

MDF material comes in 14 or 16 feet length unlike 8 feet plaster.

Styrofoam we wouldn’t recommend because of its weakness it will repeat any wall curves and will look too wavy.

But most of all that – we have 1 year warranty, and we are sure you’ll be calling for another installation only.

Can potlights be installed in finished home?

Yes, most of our customers have finished houses.

Is Crown Molding required to install potlights?

No, crown molding may be helpful in some extraordinary layout designs
but in most cases it’s not necessary

Is there any damage done to the walls or ceiling after installation of potlights?

We guarantied no damage or mess during the installation.

Is moulding comes primed?

Yes it’s primed and installation includes filling nail holes and calking sides and corners.

Why top floor potlights are more expensive?

Extra material and labor are required to install pot lights from attic. Top floor potlights required to be installed in a metal enclosure box due to fire hazard when in direct contact with insulation.

Can I get Energy Saving (CFL, spiral fluorescent) bulbs with pot lights?

Yes, they are from 9 to 24 watt energy efficient light bulbs in a glass cover.

Can old builder’s lights fixture be turned into a potlight?

Yes, 4” potlights perfectly fit instead of old light or chandelier.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is $1000.

Warranty is conditional on Company receiving payment in full for all products and services provided

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