Toronto Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is hands-down the elite flooring choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an office, a living room, or your fitness room, our Hardwood out-does any other floor in nearly every category.

Stepping onto our hardwood floor, you will immediately feel the finesse and quality that is reserved for the higher class, but available to you for a low price.

We have any tone of wood to fit with your theme and tone to give you the perfect feeling whenever the room.

For a delicate, inviting, and soul-warming look, we have specially finished and crafted oak floors. Oak will make the room come alive while offering a relatively subtle and neutral tone to the atmosphere. Oak is a favourite among hardwood lovers and everybody that has it will agree that there is no better vibrant brown to complete your room’s look.

A lively room with a vivacious and friendly atmosphere only deserves its hard-wood equivalent of birch wood. Birch works as a wonderful mood setter in living rooms and game rooms while still blending in with the best of its surroundings.
Maple is simply a classic icon in Hardwood History. Maple is perfect for creating the old-style look in a modern home or just adding a bit of spice to the living room. One can use Maple Practically anywhere because it has such a great arrangement of color and depth. In the bedroom, in the kitchen, the office, heck even the sun deck will look absolutely marvellous with Maple.

When searching for price vs. Durability vs. Look, you can’t go wrong with Ash Wood. A full-home load out that is attractive and warm can be easily achieved with ash because it is such a gorgeous species of wood.  Besides Hardwood, ash has other practical uses such as sports equipment and windmills.

Whatever wood you choose, you will undoubtedly be happy with its quality, look, feel and durability.

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