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If you want your home to look like a million dollars and if it has special exterior features you would like to show off, consider adding some potlights into the soffits, under the eaves of your house.

It will look amazing at night and if you entertain, the added light will stop your guests from huddling together under what little lighting you have.  You will be able to show off your garden and your pool and make it easier for your guests to spread out and enjoy the food you have prepared, without them wondering what on earth they’re eating!

Our Master Electricians can install outside potlights into your soffits quickly and easily, with absolutely no mess or fuss at all, whether you have plastic or wood soffits – no problem.

We can even put them on a dimmer, or a timer for you – there’s nothing we can’t do when installing exterior potlights.

Think of the added security too.  No burglar is going to want to be seen creeping around the outside of your house, so do away with those ugly protruding security lights, they create deep shadows where intruders can hide.

Add some beautiful potlights and make your once humble home look like a mansion!
Think about adding potlights above your back door, garage doors and entryway for safety and added security.

Take a look at our LED Potlights Portfolio Product page.

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Halogen, CFL –Energy Saving
MR16, PAR16, PAR20, GU10
Line voltage, Low volage spotlights
Touch dimmers, slide and rotary dimmers, remote switches, presence detectors and timers.

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