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You can’t beat main floor potlights for adding a totally different look at feel to your décor, they are the hottest thing for home interior lighting and our Qualified Master Technicians can install them for you, with no mess and no hassle.

Think that you can’t add potlights to an already completed home?  We can install potlights or recessed lighting into just about every area of your house or office.  It doesn’t matter what stage of construction you are in, or if you home was built long ago.

Our qualified master technicians have years of experience in installation, they will use “retrofit” or remodel potlights – slightly different from those used in new construction – but the effect will be the same.  No damage to your ceilings, your beautiful potlights will look like they have been there forever!  If you are worried about mess, dirt and dust, don’t, our installers will leave your home looking better than when they walked in, and you’ll think you have walked into a new house!
You don’t have to have crown moulding already in place either, it is absolutely no problem for our expert installers!  If our installer has to cut into floor joists, you can rest assured there will be absolutely no damage to your floors.  The process is quick and painless for you the homeowner, leaving your décor intact and we work quickly around your busy schedule.
If you decide that, for example, you would like to have pendants lights over a dining room table or in a breakfast area – no problem!  In any area where you need extra light or a focal addition to your room by use of a lighting fixture – our Master Electricians can do it for you.
There are very few problems we can’t overcome where it comes to your home lighting needs.
Your home can be transformed and given an entirely new look with the addition of beautiful potlights throughout.  They can be used to accent architectural features and flood your whole house with light that feels and looks natural.
Having a master electrician working on your home’s lighting means you can rest assured that if there is a need for extra light switches, junction boxes or breakers or you would like your potlights on a dimmer, he’ll do it right.

Kitchen Potlights

Kitchen Potlights In older houses that have had cabinetry changed out, or a total kitchen remodel, very often suitable lighting was not taken into account, leaving dark or shadowy areas that are difficult to work in.

Kitchens should be bright, safe places so working in them can be a pleasure when making your culinary creations.

Potlights properly installed in a kitchen, in the correct strategic places, can flood the area with light.  They are unobtrusive, do not intrude into the space if you have a small kitchen and they don’t need to be cleaned as often as hanging or protruding fixtures.  This leaves your kitchen area looking bright, uncluttered, welcoming and clean.

A kitchen was a comfortable, warm and welcoming place back in the old days, where everyone would gather to talk as the host cooked, or the family would gather together to enjoy delicious cooking smells and talk about their days.  With the addition of potlights your kitchen can be transformed into a meeting place again, it won’t be just the room where you cook – it can become the heart of your home!

Hallway Potlights

Hallway Potlights Hallways in older houses can be problem areas where it comes to lighting, they are often dingy and difficult to decorate with any panache, but very often the hallway is the first place anyone sees when you open your front door.

Make your hallway a bright and inviting place with the addition of potlights.  Take those old hanging chandeliers out – they only gather dust and cobwebs – and add some beautiful potlights instead.

If you have children or older people, it’s easy for one of our master electricians to discuss placement of potlights up your stairs to illuminate the steps, making it safer for you and your family.

Have our Master Electrician put your new potlights on a dimmer and leave them on low while you are out, as a deterrent to intruders.

Do members of your family wander around at night?  Leave the dimmer on low, the light won’t disturb your sleep and they will make it safer for those in your family who like a midnight snack!

You will want to redecorate your hallway after the potlights are installed, it will look much larger!  Display your family photos or paintings along the hall, and know they can be seen and admired under the light of your new potlights.

Family Room Potlights

Family Room Potlights It doesn’t matter how much you spend on paint, furniture, tile or carpets for your Family Room, without the correct lighting all that money you spent will not be shown off to its best effect!  Many people make this basic mistake.

Adding potlights to your Family Room can make the area appear far more welcoming and comfortable and can add drama and excitement to the feel of a room.  If you have an older house, you may be tempted to keep the old chandeliers, floor and table lamps but you should consider the addition of potlights in your remodeling plans.

No more floor lamp wires to trip over and power points to worry about, no more inefficient table lamps cluttering up the tops of your furniture.  Get rid of all that clutter and give your ceiling a clean, modern look with potlights.

Add a dimmer and turn the lights down, relax and watch your favorite movies, leaving just enough light so you can find the remote and your popcorn!

Living Room Potlights

 Living rooms are for living!  They should be the room where everyone wants to be and hang out.  It should be a place where you can move around in comfort and relax, not a cluttered mess of dust-covered lighting, and areas that you just can’t use because of poor or inadequate lighting.

Imagine your ceiling without those oh-so-yesterday fixtures.  Imagine it looking clean with beams of light flooding the room, so you can see to read the newspaper, sew, or work on your laptop without discomfort or eye strain.

Whether you have ultra modern mid-century Scandinavian furniture, or some prized pieces of antique furniture, sculptures, or a collection of antique bottles, show them off with strategically placed potlights and give your Family Room a drop-dead gorgeous look!

Do you have a bar in your living room?  How’s it lit?  Does it show off your collection of retro bar glasses and ice buckets?  No? Then light it up with some potlights, you will never be able to keep your friends away!

We are the experts, not only in lighting but in home décor too. Our installers and technicians have tackled hundreds of different homeowners’ lighting needs.  We can show you where to place your new potlights to best advantage and install them quickly, safely and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

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