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Stucco is relatively inexpensive and fairly durable method of finishing or coating the exterior of a house, it may also be used on the interior on walls ceilings and as a means of decoration. After application it dries and hardens becoming dense and solid. Although durable enough stucco requires maintenance in order to continue to perform. If left alone or neglected it can start to come apart in patches often revealing the concrete or brickwork it was used to conceal.

The desire to have stucco removed is often as the result of home-improvement work, in order to proceed with any significant amendment to the home stucco removal is usually the first step. Stripping walls to their fundamentals provides the building-blocks from which alteration should advance. It is primarily the exterior of houses which become most affected if the finish is left unmaintained and due to weather is where most damage occurs.

Stucco can be removed fairly easily from some surfaces; the process usually involves the use of a hammer to break up the stucco and pull it from the wall, the underlying mesh that the stucco was set to can then be pulled down and the wall refinished with another method. With a vast knowledge in stucco removal we can explain that the extent and difficulty of removal is dependent on where it was applied. The exterior for example is by far larger job than simple removing crumbling interior stucco. Our expertise ranges from simple stucco removal job to broad exterior work. The composition of the exterior or interior wall may also complicate the subsequent removal further.

We can offer an assuredly adept and professional removal service, our long-term expertise and knowledge of the approach required serves us to provide our customers with the basis by which they can further improve their homes.

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