Basement as Investment

If you are lucky enough to have a large basement, converting it into an apartment is a great idea to make some extra money.  Perhaps your aging parents or your mother-in-law needs a place to stay, where they can maintain a certain amount of privacy but where you will only be upstairs if they need something.  It would certainly be a much more cost-effective alternative to assisted living, leaving them with a feeling of independence.

Access to basements can often be difficult, especially for the elderly.  With this consideration in mind, we could construct a custom-made staircase that can be adapted for use with a stair-lift, and incorporate safety features for your elderly resident, both on the stairs and in bathrooms.

Whether you want to rent it out, or make it a home for an elderly parent, we can turn a basement into a home.
We can finish the walls, add beautiful laminate flooring, and build custom cabinetry for everything – closets, display units, an entertainment center, bathroom and kitchen.  We are experts at designing the most efficient and user-friendly basement apartments.

Very often, we can also incorporate windows or even a new entry door into a basement and will discuss with you exactly what suits your requirements best.
All the framing, insulation, drywall, plastering and painting, finished carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC and lighting will either be completed or fully supervised by us, you won’t have to worry about a thing, except the décor you want to achieve.

We have many years experience in home décor and always suggest that basements – especially if windows cannot be incorporated, be painted bright and airy colors.  With the addition of the latest in low voltage Xenon lighting, a basement can be filled with light that actually looks and feels like daylight – deterring any depressing feelings of being underground!

All cabinetry will be built in our workshops, sprayed and finished there, so you don’t have to worry about tons of mess everywhere. All electrical work will be under the supervision of a qualified master technician and cabinetry made by professionally trained carpenters.
We can tie everything in visually, so the basement looks and feels light and airy, and with the addition of built-in closets incorporating all the latest in closet organization systems, there will be little need for extra furniture to clutter up the space.

We can discuss your budget and work with you, but you can rest assured that even with a small budget we can help you create a beautiful basement apartment, built only with the best and most durable products.  From laminate counter tops to granite – we will work with you to make sure you get only the best quality products, installed by our highly skilled craftsmen, who will respect your home and keep it clean as they work.

For a cozy focal point for older people, you might consider adding a fireplace to your basement.  This can be constructed of brick, natural stone or any other materials you may desire, and incorporate a safe and cost efficient natural gas fire.

With the right choice of cabinetry, laminate flooring and with the addition of some great lighting into a ceiling trimmed with crown moulding, you can turn somewhere that once was the “glory hole” into a glorious and comfortable home for someone who needs it.
Remember, the better it looks the more rent you ask.  In many cities that have big businesses, luxury apartments are often rented by companies long-term, for their visiting executives.  It is more cost effective for them than an expensive hotel room and much more comfortable for their staff.  Basements apartments should no longer be considered just for a local student or single person to rent.  The better we make it for you, the more secure you can be in knowing your lovely basement apartment will be a great earner for you, and will never stand empty.

We can work with you, look at your basement and give you the best advice as to how to tackle turning it into a great basement apartment.  When you have decided, we can show you just how it will look with our computer generated 3D visualization.
Invest in turning your useless basement into an income, and call us today with your plans.

We provide FREE estimation in Toronto and Area at your home so that you can picture any of our profiles on the walls and get measurements done by a professional.

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