Basement Bathroom

You may have seen a gorgeous palatial bathroom in one of those home decorating magazines and thought, if only…

Lounging around in a Jacuzzi or spa or a great big whirlpool bath in absolute luxury can become a reality if you have a basement.

You deserve the best after a long busy day and your basement can become an oasis of warmth and sanity, away from the noisy family.

Let us take a look at your basement, measure it out, then give us your ideas and we can probably make them come true, for a lot less than you think.

There’s very little we can’t do and we are well aware of the all the planning for plumbing, HVAC and electrical considerations that must be taken into account.  All you have to come up with is a plan, and ideas about what you want and we can show you exactly what it will look like with our computer 3D visualization system.

We will discuss all the many choices of lighting you might like and can build custom cabinetry to accommodate all your towels and the things you will want to incorporate and use in your new basement bathroom.  If there’s enough room, we can add a shower, a toilet and bidet if you like within the room or in separate rooms, for added privacy.

Any additional cabinetry will be made from your choice of high quality MDF, solid wood, or PVC.  Whatever you want we can do to fit your budget. We only use the best quality products – our reputation depends on it.
For your stained wood cabinetry we have all the popular, natural woods:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Bamboo

All the cutting, milling, sawing and messy work is done in our own workshops, so you don’t have to worry about the mess. If you want solid colors for your cabinetry, then we will spray your custom cabinets with your choice of quality paint off site too, and again we only use the highest quality paints and stains.

Incorporate the clean and natural look of laminate flooring – we can incorporate that too, it’s very easy to clean and looks gorgeous.

For sinks and surfaces how about granite or engineered stone?  With over 3000 choices of colors, we can make it match perfectly with your decorating ideas and it is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to a bathroom.

We can use every nook and cranny to its best advantage and incorporate closets or a sink into them, or turn a peculiar feature into an architectural highlight!
We can turn even the most dismal-looking basements into an oasis of luxury. Give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss even your wildest ideas.

We provide FREE estimation in Toronto and Area at your home so that you can picture any of our profiles on the walls and get measurements done by a professional.

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