Basements Ideas

It’s very difficult for most people to get much-needed exercise on a regular basis, if you work long hours in a sedentary job, the last thing you want to think about is coming home, dragging exercise equipment from under beds and out of closets.

If you joined a gym, you may well be wasting your monthly membership on something you never use – if you only managed an hour there last month – figure what it cost you for that hour!

What you need is an exercise room in your house and if you have a basement, it’s the perfect place to set up all that bulky equipment and leave it there.  How easy to get up in the morning, turn on the TV or radio, or play your favorite exercise DVDs as you work out.

If the room is neglected and full of junk now, you probably don’t realize your basement’s true potential.  It doesn’t have to be that big to accommodate your favorite exercise machine and a few other things that will make your exercising much less of a chore.

We will finish the walls, and floors just the way you’d like them, and with the addition of some large mirrors and the right lighting that’s all you need.  One of our Master Electricians will check out the wiring, add new breakers if needed and if you want a TV so you don’t miss your favorite show in the evening while you work out,  we can even install custom cabinetry to house that.  There may even be room for a shower if you’d like one.

We can measure out your room, and tell you exactly what would need to be done, you may be surprised how little it will cost, and then we can show you exactly what your basement gym will look like with our 3D visualization software.

Then there will only be three things left for you to do:

  • Decide what color you want your gym and matching cabinetry to be.
  • Cancel your gym membership
  • Get some exercise clearing out the mess that’s down there now!

We provide FREE estimation in Toronto and Area at your home so that you can picture any of our profiles on the walls and get measurements done by a professional.

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